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Each one of us can make a difference but Together we can make Change Happen!

When things out of our control change, like Lakeway’s rapid growth, it is up to us to educate ourselves on the why, how, and when questions in order to make collective, beneficial changes!

I want this website to be that resource for you to gain wisdom and take action if you choose by attending city representative meetings. The links will be easier to read over the next few weeks and continued updates will occur. Thank you for taking the time to Make Your Voice Heard!


What does it mean to Go Green? Click on the Green Link and find out more!

1) Traffic and Congestion

The first concern is Traffic and we want you to know that You can have a voice on how this all plays out but You need to learn how TXDOT works and then let them know how you feel!

Here is a link to CAMPO where you can stay on top of transportation progress and get information about public meetings and surveys. Contact CAMPO


Please participate so we can get some action in Lakeway….the squeaky wheel gets the grease!

2) Water

The second concern is Water. This is something we need to take a look at to see if there are ways to prepare for an extended drought period beyond 2015.

Click here for the most recent information on the Water Management Plan for our area:


3) Businesses having a challenge staffing

As a business owner in Lakeway I have seen something begin to diminish in the past few years of super growth, and that is the number of people in the job pool. We need to address this because most of the working class cannot afford to live out here, we need to look into ways of transporting them out here without creating more traffic. An extended bus line to 620 – is something we need to explore.

I know some may have some trepidation about bringing a bus line out here But, if we all want to continue enjoying the service we expect we need to help business owners get staffed appropriately.

One concern is that a bus line would be an avenue for seedy people to come to our community. I’m not suggesting we line 620 with bus stops, I’m suggesting (1) at the busiest location in Lakeway that way we could make sure our fine Lakeway Officers have a single point to monitor.

Plus it will make available an option for residents who work downtown, south, or north so it becomes a greener resource than all the cars on the road. Speaking of that it can cut down on traffic as well. It is definitely something we need to explore.

Get educated: Here is a link to the 2040 plan for transportation: CAPITAL METRO

Learn about Lakeway:

Police (traffic, crime reports, and Lakeway Police Foundation): POLICE

City Transparency: CITY OF LAKEWAY

Parks and Recreation: PROJECTS

Arts District Survey: SURVEY



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